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郑州环航国际货运代理有限公司的海运运输服务涵盖全球各个国家和地区,我司承揽海运进出口整箱业务,包括客户的询价、订舱、报关、商检、内装、门到门、熏蒸等操作服务,能最大限度满足客人的需求。我司与MAERSK、PIL、YANG MING、APLCSCL、EVERGREEN、NYK、K-LINE、WANHAI、UASC等多家船公司签有合约价,我司建立起一整套优良的运价体系,拥有最低廉的市场运价,为您节约成本,提高效率。我司拥有健全的国外代理网络,可以在目的港为客户提供多种服务,帮助客户完成其合理要求。我们会根据客户的具体货要求以及航线,为您量身打造适用于您的海运方案,降低海运成本。
     zhengzhou circumnavigate international freight co.,ltd  shipping and transportation service covers global each country and the area, we import and export the whole case the shipping business, including your inquiry, booking, customs clearance, commodity inspection, inside pack, door to door, fumigating operation service, can satisfy the customer's needs. Our company and MAERSK, PIL, YANG MING, APL、CSCL, EVERGREEN, NYK, K-LINE, WANHAI, UASC and a number of the shipping company sign a contract price, our company has set a good tariff system, with the most low market freight rate, save your cost and improve the efficiency. We have a sound foreign agent network, can be in destination port to provide a service to help clients to complete its reasonable requirements. We can according to the customer's specific requirements, as well as goods routes, measures the body for you to make you apply to the Marine plan, reduce the costs of shipping.